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Five Points Gang is Joe Pearson, Dinho Barral & Thanos Papadopoulos


Five Points Gang is one of the most powerful and original upcoming bands in the UK music scene. They are, according to their fans, set to become the biggest rock & roll band in the world.

Joe, Dinho & Thanos relocated to London with the same dream, and this meeting of chance between three already successful musicians instigated an incredible musical connection that has become the bedrock of an explosive sound already dubbed as "redefining the blues".

"Their live sets are phenomenal and very loud..."

Blues Matters


With over 200K listeners having tuned in on radio and streaming platforms and thousands more having been blown away by their incredibly powerful live performances, Five Points Gang is rapidly becoming the most exciting upcoming band in the UK. 

Since lockdown was released in August 2021, the gang performed over 100 gigs all over the UK, appeared at 15 festivals and have been booked for two European tours. The guys are widely recognised for always pushing their performances to the limit, and despite being bathed in sweat and battered from being on the road, these boys are always thirsty for more. 

Graham Robertson

"You'll be hard pushed to find a better three piece on the circuit at the moment"


The Gang are best known for their exceptional live performances, leaving audiences exhausted and yet somehow screaming for more. Five Points Gang is a truly international band -in the words of one reviewer, "A Welshman, Frenchman and a Brazilian walk into a bar... and blow the place apart!"

"Possibly the best live act I have ever seen. Truly awesome"

Matthew Watt

"They played a stunning set... Their enthusiasm and joy to play music to a packed crowd shone through their  whole performance"

Blues Matters

"Best Gig I've heard in years"

Stephen Dance

"Without exaggeration one of the best blues bands in the world"

Andrew Gale

And what about the press?

"The ensemble playing was excellent, full on and powerful, but tight as a nut"

Wrinkly Rockers Club

"An immense album... each song is a statement; the playing is incredibly well executed and the production sounds expensive!"

Blues Matters!

"If you ever hear this track on the radio, you will presume it's a lost classic..."

The Rocking Magpie

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